‘Argo’ Beats ‘Cloud Atlas’ At The Box Office

    It looks like the promise of a post-credits payoff wasn’t enough to put the mindbender Cloud Atlas in the top spot for the weekend box office. Ben Affleck’s buzzed-about political drama Argo sneaked past it to the number one spot.

    According to Zap2it, Argo, which has a swarm of Oscar buzz surrounding it, made $12.5 million this weekend. Second place went to another previously released film, Hotel Transylvania, which stayed strong pre-Halloween, making $9.5 million.

    Cloud Atlas, the new Tom Hanks-Halle Berry reincarnation epic, came in third place, with $9.4 million. Maybe moviegoers were deterred by the 2.5-hour runtime or the confusing plot. Or maybe they were just put off by the lukewarm reviews.

    New Halloween release Fun Size, starring Victoria Justice and Chelsea Handler, didn’t start out very well. It only made it to the number 10 spot, making $4.06 million. The film’s PG-13 rating might have alienated Justice’s young fanbase.

    Other spooky films, like Paranormal Activity 4 and Sinister, remained in the top 10 this Halloween weekend, making $8.675 million and $5.07 million, respectively.

    This weekend was slow compared to the same weekend in 2011. The total box office was only $81 million, a 12 percent decrease from last year’s $93 million.