Are You Ready For A Female Version Of ‘The Expendables’?

    According to Variety, screenwriter Dutch Southern has been tapped to write the script for an upcoming Expendables-inspired action movie, only with a cast of female actors instead of males. This is right on the heels of the premiere of The Expendables 2, which pulled in 28.8 million bucks in its opening weekend.

    So, will this estrogen-heavy Expendables be a weak attempt at getting more female viewers to fork over their dough to watch shit blow up? Or are movie producers finally getting savvy to the fact that audiences like female ass-kickers, whether Katniss Everdeen in The Hunger Games or Merida in Brave? Either way, it’ll be interesting to see who gets cast and whether the costumes will be pornographic, terrifying, or a combination of the two. [Variety]