Are these the 23 most annoying frontmen in rock?

    Metromix Chicago has come out with a list of the 23 most annoying frontmen in rock, and some of the selections may be tough to swallow. Yes, we get the likes of Chester Bennington, Adam Duritz, and Tom DeLonge, but we also get some critical faves such as Conor Oberst, Paul Banks of Interpol and (gasp!) Thom Yorke. Granted, all the frontmen here are pretty annoying, but part of me wonders if picking on Fred Durst and Billy Corgan is like shooting fish in a barrel. I’m much more interested in the critiques launched against the less frequently criticized. Take Banks’ bashing, for instance:

    Can we all just agree once and for all to stop comparing Interpol’s frontman to the late, great Ian Curtis of Joy Division? Curtis’ hollow, broken-hearted baritone was the very embodiment of sadness and alienation; Banks’ declamatory bray is the very embodiment of Brooklyn scenesters doing too much coke in the bathroom.

     That pretty much nails the problem with Interpol. As for Yorke:

    Yeah, yeah—Radiohead is a visionary band, always pushing the boundaries of their art form and…sorry, what was that? Thom Yorke’s tuneless keening just made us doze off again.

    Hmm, criticizes Yorke’s singing may not have been the best strategy. No mention of his ego? Fail!


    Topping the list is Scott Stapp of the now-disbanded Creed, and I can think of few people who will take offense with that pick. 23 does seem like an arbitrary number, however. Wonder who they’d have taken if they expanded it to 25. Johnny Rotten is conspicuously absent… [Metromix]