Are the Smiths reforming for Coachella in 2009?

    Rumors that the Smiths might reunite resurface annually. The acrimony between the four original members is particularly fierce, especially since the 1996 court case in which drummer Mike Joyce claimed unpaid royalties from Morrissey and Johnny Marr. Marr has been busy of late, playing with Modest Mouse and the Cribs, and allegedly going back to school.

    So it seems an unlikely time for the Mancunians to reform. Or does it? British tabloid the Sun is reporting that the band are “closer than ever” to a reunion, and believes they may be set to play the Coachella Festival in California next year. The newspaper claims the Smiths turned down £2.8million (that’s approximately $4.4 million) to play the festival in 2006.

    Unfortunately there doesn’t appear to be much substance to the story, with the Sun claiming that “a source” said: “The buzz around the people who used to work for the band is they could play Coachella for a ludicrous amount of money. It’s closer than it ever has been. The split was a messy affair, but time’s a healer.” Expect swift denials from Morrissey and Marr, although Joyce and bassist Andy Rourke have likely got their fingers crossed. [via NME]