Are Most Of Lady Gaga’s 29 Million Twitter Followers Fake?

    Monsters aren’t real–and neither is the vast majority of the internet’s Little Monsters, according to a new report by social media company Status People. Although the most shocking part of this story is the fact that someone was actually paid to survey Lady Gaga’s Twitter following, the stats the company came up with might be more extreme than you’d expect. A whopping 71% of Gaga’s 29 million followers on Twitter are purported to be fake or inactive accounts, leaving Mother Monster with only about 8.4 million real live followers in the world.

    Status People only surveyed the last 100,000 or so of the pop monarch’s followers, so it’s possible that Gaga’s seen a recent uptake in spambots and random people who sign up but never actually tweet anything. And really, when you think of Twitter’s general breakdown, the numbers become slightly less shocking. I mean, my own following is closer to 87% porn bots and 7% unhatched eggs, so all told, Lady Gaga’s doing well compared to the rest of us. [NME]