Are Babies In Kim And Kanye’s Near Future?

    Think Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s relationship is moving too fast? Well then, hold on to your hats, kids, because it’s about to accelerate even quicker. Though the celebrity couple has only been together for a few months, they are already talking about making babies!

    According to Perez Hilton sister site Perezitos (via In Flex We Trust), a source close to Yeezy and Kim says, “Kim wants getting pregnant next year to be her top priority. She says she feels suffocated by her schedule promoting the Kardashian brand. Kim and Khloe are desperate to have children. Seeing Kourtney give birth has made them even more determined.”

    And as far as their current living situation…that may change too. “Kanye thinks Kim’s family controls her and wants them to make a new life in New York. He doesn’t want other people telling them how to bring up their kids,” says the source.

    What do you think about Kimye’s relationship? Are they moving too fast? Is it all a publicity stunt? Let us know in the comments below!