Are Alt-J The Next Radiohead?

    “The next Radiohead” is either the best or worst label to slap on a band—on one hand, that’s an honor to make any self-respecting musician blush, and on the other, we’re pretty sure when Shakespeare wrote the line “Uneasy hangs the head that wears a crown,” he was talking about any band referred to as “the next ______.”

    Regardless, according to NME, online bookies Ladbrokes are declaring Cambridge-based quartet Alt-J the odds-on favorite to win the UK’s Mercury Prize. A Ladbrokes representative put it this way: “It will be a huge upset if anyone else picks up this year’s Mercury Prize and it won’t be long before Alt-J are considered as the ‘new Radiohead.'” Alt-J’s album An Awesome Wave gets its official American release on September 18, but you can stream it below—are Alt-J giving Thom Yorke and company a run for their money?