Arctic Monkeys Already Planning Fourth Album

    The dust has barely settled on Humbug and already the Arctic Monkeys are talking about recording a new album. The band has been in the U.K. this week, where it performed some of its biggest shows to date, including a huge sell-out performance at the cavernous Wembley Arena.


    “The first record we done quick, and it was just like, ‘get in and press record’ sort of thing,” said drummer Matt Helders. “But this one [Humbug] we were thinking about sounds more and trying loads of stuff, so it got me into that sort of stuff more. We’re already talking about when we can record again, but I still enjoy being on tour as well.”


    “This record seems like one I could still listen to all the way through without cringing at any bits,” he continued. “But I don’t know if that’s still because it’s quite new to us or because it’s the one that we got most right so far.” The touring duties for Humbug currently take the band right through until February next year.