Archers Of Loaf Reunite For Surprise Live Performance


    It’s been 17 years since Icky Mettle, the seminal indie pop album from North Carolina’s Archers of Loaf. That is crazy, though less so if you factor into consideration that for the past 13 of those years the band has not been together. Saturday night, however, Eric Bachmann and bandmantes surprised a crowd at Carborro, N.C.’s Cat’s Cradle, opening for fellow North Carolinians the Love Language with a 12-song set heavy on Icky Mettle and its follow up EP Vs the Greatest of All Time. Check out above for a full-crowd singalong as the band plays “Web in Front,” and check out the full Archers of Loaf track list below. No word or hint as to whether this was a one off or something more, but I’m going to keep dreaming, personaly. [Pitchfork]


    01 Audiowhore
    02 Harnessed in Slums
    03 Revenge
    04 Nostalgia
    05 Lowest Part Is Free
    06 Freezing Point
    07 Greatest of All Time
    08 You and Me
    09 Might
    10 Web in Front
    11 Wrong
    12 Slow Worm