Archers Of Loaf Detail More Reissues


    Eric Bachmann and the rest of Archers of Loaf have been reissuing their back catalog bit by bit since reuniting last year. The North Carolina band’s first two albums, Icky Mettle and Vee Vee, were re-released in July and February respectively.

    Now the indie rock veterans have announced plans for the re-release of their final two records, All The Nation’s Airports and White Trash Heroes. The albums are due out on August 7 via Merge with Bob Weston-remastered tracks, new cover art and liner notes and tons of bonus material. Take a look at the new track lists for both albums below. [CoS]

    All the Nation’s Airports track list:

    01. Strangled by the Stereo Wire
    02. All the Nations Airports
    03. Scenic Pastures
    04. Worst Defense
    05. Attack of the Killer Bees
    06. Rental Sting
    07. Assassination on X-mas Eve
    08. Chumming the Ocean
    09. Vocal Shrapnel
    10. Bones of Her Hands
    11. Bumpo
    12. Form and File
    13. Acromegaly
    14. Distance Comes in Droves
    15. Bombs Away


    Bonus Disc:


    01. Density
    02. Little Jets
    03. Strangled by the Stereo Wire (4-Track Demo)
    04. All the Nations Airports (4-Track Demo)
    05. Scenic Pastures (4-Track Demo)
    06. Trilogy (4-Track Demo)
    07. Assassination on X-Mas Eve (4-Track Demo)
    08. Chumming the Ocean (4-Track Demo)
    09. Vocal Shrapnel (4-Track Demo)
    10. Bones of Her Hands (4-Track Demo)
    11. Bumpo (4-Track Demo)
    12. Form and File (4-Track Demo)
    13. Acromegaly (4-Track Demo)
    14. Distance Comes in Droves (4-Track Demo)
    15. Bombs Away (4-Track Demo)
    16. Density (4-Track Demo)
    17. Little Jets (4-Track Demo)
    18. There Has To Be Something (4-Track Demo)
    19. Total Failure (4-Track Demo)


    White Trash Heroes Reissue Tracklist:


    01. Fashion Bleeds

    02. Dead Red Eyes
    03. I.N.S.
    04. Perfect Time
    05. Slick Tricks and Bright Lights
    06. One Slight Wrong Move
    07. Banging on a Dead Drum
    08. Smokers in Love
    09. After the Last Laugh
    10. White Trash Heroes


    Bonus Disc:


    01. Jive Kata
    02. Fashion Bleeds (4-Track Demo)
    03. Dead Red Eyes (4-Track Demo)
    04. Slick Tricks and Bright Lights (4-Track Demo)
    05. One Slight Wrong Move (4-Track Demo)
    06. Banging on a Dead Drum (4-Track Demo)
    07. Smokers in Love (4-Track Demo)
    08. After the Last Laugh (4-Track Demo)
    09. White Trash Heroes (4-Track Demo)
    10. Untitled and Forgotten (4-Track Demo)
    11. Walk of Shame
    12. Untitled
    13. Whooh!