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Arcade Fire's 'The Suburbs' Wins "Album Of The Year" Grammy

Sometimes, the panel behind the Grammy Awards likes to throw a massive wrench into the system and complete surprise all of us. Personally, I assumed that one moment had already arrived at last night's show when Esperanza Spalding took home "Best New Artist" over hit-machines like Drake and Justin Bieber. But the panel wasn't done there, even after Eminem somehow and frustratingly took home another "Best Rap Album" award over the Roots.


The biggest shocker for the night came at the end when it was announced that Arcade Fire's The Suburbs was the winner of "Album of the Year." This is the first award for the band that I'm guessing will be taking home plenty more with future releases. It was a well deserved win, guys, especially considering you beat out Eminem, Lady Gaga, Lady Antebellum, and Katy fucking Perry.

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Arcade Fire

Did Jay-Z Boycott The Grammys Again?
Bigger question: Who cares about Jay-Z or the grammys?
"Rappers deserve more attention from the Grammy committee and from the whole world. If it's got a gun everybody knows about it; but if we go on a world tour, no one knows." Jay-Z
Pehaps its because rappers lyrics are all about the gun…and the ho…and busting caps in cops...and bangin…and a world tour of that is sickening to far too many people. Or maybe the Grammy panel knows that if rappers show up, they will diss each other on stage with NC performances that ruin the night for everyone. Yeah, like that has not happened. Why should it matter to 50 & Jay-Z anyway? The Grammys have turned into a total freakers ball where everyone just wants to out skank each other with stupid over the top outfits and statements.

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