Arcade Fire Want To Sell Us a $109 Fidget Spinner

    The toy contains the band's new album on a USB drive

    photo: Anders Jensen-Urstad

    Arcade Fire, for an undetermined amount of time, released a $109.00 USB fidget spinner, which is now sold out according to the band’s website.

    The toy is part of the marketing campaign for the band’s brand new album, Everything Now. The USB drive contains a digital copy of the album. Depending on your tolerance for Arcade Fire ephemera, this news could scan as anywhere from delightful to groan-worthy. (At the very least the price seems very high.)

    In the run up to the release of Everything Now, Arcade Fire concocted a marketing scheme that George Orwell, or at least QVC, could be proud of.

    The band’s marketing was essentially taken over by the Everything Now Corp., which implemented a strict dress code at shows and a website poking fun at Stereogum’s “Premature Evaluation” blog, which reviews albums before they come out. Everything Now Corp.’s site is called Stereoyum. It’s spoof on “Premature Evaluation” is “Premature Premature Evaluation.”

    All of this seems like the band getting out in front of possible bad reviews or a general backlash. The band had a similarly overwrought rollout for 2013’s Reflektor, their previous LP. Is the band in on the joke? Are they so tone deaf to think elaborate album rollouts are necessary or even welcomed in 2017? Who’s clowning who?

    Many critics seem to be exhausted by Arcade Fire at this point. Stereogum has this to say. Writer Ian Cohen chimed in with his thoughts on a longform piece here.

    The reviews for Everything Now have been lukewarm. Which, for another band, even one as popular as Arcade Fire, could just be a speedbump over the course of a long career. But perhaps it’s tacky memorabilia like a $109 fidget spinner that is causing a big backlash against the band.