Arcade Fire To Score “Her”, New Film From Spike Jonze

    It’s strange to think that someone like Spike Jonze, who started off working on Jackass, would go on to create some of the most creative and sincere films of the last decade. Films like the enthralling and totally bizarre Adaptation, or the sweet and earnest Where the Wild Things Are.

    His films seem to be the perfect fit for the joyous, nostalgic and often melancholic sounds of win Butler and friends. Arcade Fire are now officially scoring Jonze’s new feature, Her, which focuses on a lonely man in the new future who falls in love with an intelligent operating system. The film also stars Joaquin Phoenix and Amy Adams (reuniting after The Master) – colour me excited for this one, even if the trailer (linked below) seems just a tad silly.

    Jonze has worked with the band before, creating the 30-minute short film Scenes From the Suburbs, which was inspired by the band and also played at several of their concerts. If you remember, Arcade Fire also allowed Jonze to use “Wake Up” in commercials for Where the Wild Things Are.