Arcade Fire Thinks James Murphy & LCD Soundsystem Will Reform

    James Murphy and LCD Soundsystem broke up or “retired” two years ago. The band peaked with their last studio album This Is Happening released in 2010. It broke into the Top 10 in Billboard 200 and UK Albums Charts. And although the band is no longer together, Murphy has kept his production skills intact as he has worked with the Arcade Fire on their upcoming new album.

    In the studio, Arcade Fire member Richard Reed Parry spoke with The Sun about the collaborative work and had mentioned a little tidbit that might get DFA and LCD Soundsystem fans to raise their eyebrow:

    “We have tried to work with Murphy before but we could never match our diariess. But this time the schedules worked. LCD Soundsystem and Arcade Fire have toured together lots of times. We have always admired each other’s band – LCD are our favourite band ever. I’d be shocked if James doesn’t reform them one day. They are too good not to.”

    Agreed. LCD Soundsystem is too good to not reform. And if this is any inclination from their collaboration in the studio, let’s hope Murphy finds the will to bring back LCD.

    In addition to working with Arcade Fire on their new album Reflektor, he’s also worked on a remix of David Bowie’s “Love Is Lost.” You can listen to the epic 10-minute remix here.

    Arcade Fire’s new album Reflektor is scheduled to be released on October 28, 2013.