Arcade Fire Releases Two Videos For ‘Reflektor’

    Over the past few months, everyone’s favorite Canadian band Arcade Fire have been teasing a new album and a whole campaign dedicated to the album. Recruiting James Murphy, the LCD Soundsystem dude, and from what we’ve recently discovered – some guy named David Bowie – led this album to be even more hyped, after winning the first ever indie Album of the Year at the Grammy’s for The Suburbs. (How you manage to hype something this huge is beyond me.)

    Leading up to the day – September 9th – we all marked our digital calendars and prepared to drool. We weren’t expecting drooling twice over, though. That’s right, two videos – one interactive and one directed by the visionary Anton Corbijn. The first was shot in Haiti and can be accessed through the site The second is viewable below.

    Beyond the videos (which you’ll be incredibly amazed by), the song distinctly features a dancier vibe – blame James Murphy – and even features David Bowie towards the second half of the song with some backup vocals that fit the song’s mood perfectly. The chorus is one of those absolutely unforgettable ones that’ll echo in your head for weeks, with ambitious hooks stating “I thought I found the connector / Just a reflector.”

    The hype was well worth the reveal – we now have a killer single to drain of its artistic blood for nearly two months – October 29 is when the album drops.