Arcade Fire announce release date, tracklist for “Neon Bible”

    Anticipation for Neon Bible, the Arcade Fire’s follow-up to 2003’s Funeral, has been steadily on the rise all across the music world for some time now, and today everybody’s favorite earnest misfits have utilized the power of Youtube to stoke that fire even further, uniquely (and finally) providing fans with an album release date and tracklist announcement. In a clip cryptically entitled “Juno Award Winning Guitarist,” a masked man holding a megaphone and purporting to be Arcade Fire guitarist Richard Reed Parry talks about “how music used to make you feel” and says that Neon Bible “will make you feel that way all over again” before giving way to a collection of snippets of tracks from the upcoming album. Later, the plot thickens, as this man may turn out to be Win Butler himself.
    It’s all a bit weird/fun/hard to make sense of, so we’ve distilled it here for the faint of bandwith. Neon Bible will be released in the UK on March 5 and the US on March 6, and the album is officially 11 tracks long, including a re-recording of “No Cars Go,” which first appeared on the band’s 2003 mini-album.
    Here’s the tracklist:
    “Black Mirror”
    “Keep The Car Running”
    “Neon Bible”
    “Black Wave/Bad Vibrations”
    “Ocean Of Noise”
    “The Well & The Lighthouse”
    “(Antichrist Television Blues)”
    “No Cars Go”
    “My Body Is A Cage”
    And here’s the video:

    First single “Black Mirror” is also currently streaming on band’s website. Just go here and navigate yourself to the “Win’s Scrapbook” section of the site.