Aralie offers unsigned bands chance to try Radiohead’s pricing model

    New music website has opened its doors to unsigned bands adopted Radiohead’s “pay what you want” pricing model for its entire library of music. The website offers free streaming and users can download any track, choosing to pay whatever they like (including nothing) for the music. Aralie founders say the website offers more exposure than many unsigned bands are able to get elsewhere, and that the pricing model is the only real way to curb music piracy. I made a quick tour around the site, and everything seems to be on the level and some of the bands sound pretty good. I was able to download two songs that went right into my iTunes. A mailing address and an e-mail address are required, so I might get bombed by Viagra e-mails or have Some By Sea show up at my door wondering why I didn’t pay anything for their song. The important part, however, is that I was able to choose how much to pay for the experience. [NME]