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Apple Wants To Ban Eight Samsung Phones In The U.S.

After a triumphant legal victory against Samsung Electronics Co. last week, Apple Inc. is seeking a U.S. sales ban on eight models of the company's smartphones, including several in the "Galaxy" line. 

Apple won more than $1 billion on August 24 after a jury found Samsung infringed six of seven patents for its mobile devices and today identified what devices it wants barred.

Though it seems quite a large blow, analyst Mark Newman says the impact on Samsung's sales will be negligible because the company's newest smartphones aren't on Apple's "ban" list. 

Below is a list of the eight phones Apple seeks to ban:

Galaxy S II 4G

Galaxy S II (AT&T variant)

Galaxy S II Skyrocket

Galaxy S II (T-Mobile Variant)

Galaxy S II Epic 4G (Sprint Variant)

Galaxy S Showcase

Droid Charge

Galaxy Prevail

Do you think this ban is fair? Let us know in the comments below!

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