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Apple Shutting Down Lala on May 31

The whole purpose of going to Lala is to stream free music, and soon that function will be taken away. Apple purchased Lala in December 2009 and is clearly up to something—no new members are currently being accepted to the site, and existing members will only be able to use the streaming services until May 31.


How this will affect Pitchfork, which leans heavily on audio streams from Lala, isn’t clear yet, but it’s possibly they know something about Apple’s future streaming plans (if there are any). Speculation is mounting that Lala’s functionality will be integrated into iTunes to form Apple’s own streaming service.


The site currently bears the following message for members only:


You will be able to access and play all music in your Lala collection through May 31, 2010. Any mp3 songs purchased and downloaded from Lala will continue to play as part of your local music library. You can continue to purchase mp3 songs through May 31st using your wallet balance or other payment methods.


As of today, web songs, wallets, and gift cards are no longer available for purchase on Lala. Uploads have been discontinued, and we are not accepting new users for the service.


Although Apple doesn’t have any known plans to offer streaming music services, its purchase of Lala surely indicates that it is heading in that direction. Why else would they buy the site and close it down within five months of shelling out for the service? But after that infamous iPhone leak, security is likely to be tight around any information regarding Lala's future.


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>>Why else would they buy the site and close it down within five months of shelling out for the service?

Maybe because they sold full albums for $7.49 rather than $9.99 on ITunes?


There's got to be more to it than that. If Spotify is the "iTunes killer" everyone claims, Apple must be holding something up their sleeves to fight back if it does launch in the U.S.

/site_media/uploads/images/users/nick/461770063_f6a8d92e3a_s.jpg nick

First MySpace shut down imeem, so I went to Lala. Now Apple is going to shut down Lala too? Were can I hear FULL songs for free before I buy?


U.S. isn't the world. There are still many countries where Spotify is not available. The concept, however, adopted by Grooveshark as well, holds, and could very well be the future of music distribution.


Spotify isn't technically available in the U.S. either. It is awesome though. With that sad Prefix needs an audio player badly. Guess this takes Lala out of the running.

/site_media/uploads/images/users/daba/me-bermudajpg.jpg Daba

Karma perhaps? Lala was apparently using flickr photos and cropping out member's credits on their artist description pages....

/site_media/uploads/images/users/rockographer/webby.jpg rockographer

Oh wow, thats a real bummer!


Jo Little

What is going to happen to my account and all my streaming songs then?!



Great. More bloat in the gargantuan blob that is iTunes.


@MissVampireDiaries: Torrents




Are we getting back to the point where you have to pirate your music if you want it DRM free? They're actually making it hard for me to pay money for something that I want to buy at this point. This seems like bad business.


@KDF - Buy from iTunes if you want it DRM free. Less than a tenth of their music is still protected by DRM.


RIP lala. I will miss this, I got to hear some amazing music, what I use to only imagine hearing. Sad day. Also enjoyed all the info that could easily read about the artists. It was too good to last.


It's called building a monopoly. Buy up the competition, and ditch it a short time later. Still blows me away people don't see this.


if you meet the steve jobs in the road, kill him. greedy jerk.


It's a very un-Apple thing to do--buying a competitor and then shutting it down because they offered a better product than you. Sounds more like a "PC" approach to business.

The only thing that sucks even more than closing LALA, is that Apple-suck has been super generous and offered what money was spent on LALA as iTunes credits.

I don't want iTunes credits. I would rather simply have my money refunded.


OMG! i was feeling the same way as you missvampire....i had over 800 songs on my imeem playlist. I LOVED IT! but then it was goneeee =[ with only 300 rescued on shtinking myspace



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