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Apple Purchases Lala, Lala Users In Limbo

Last week there were rumors about a deal going down between Apple and the music streaming service Lala. Those rumors proved true, as Apple acquired Lala. The price tag was originally reported at an astoundingly high $80 million, but was later reported to be $17 million, more in keeping with MySpace's $20 million purchase of similar streaming music service iLike earlier this year.


Tech Crunch reports that Lala's deals with the major labels may disappear during the acquisition process, and that might leave those who purchased songs using Lala stuck without music and without their money back. Lala's recent deals with Google and Facebook might also be affected.


What happens to Lala now is up in the air. Apple may simply continue to run Lala, or it may integrate Lala's technology, specifically that of being able to upload your digital music library and listen to it anywhere, into iTunes. Either way, one hopes that Lala's users won't be left out in the cold. [Gizmodo]

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