Apple Planning New iPod Models

    Even with the popularity of the iPhone and other smartphones that allow you carry around your music, the iPod isn’t quite dead. In fact, Apple is still confident in the stand-alone music player, so much so that they’re reportedly designing “all-new” iPod and iPod touch models.

    That’s according to MacRumours, which claims the iPod touch will continue to mirror its iPhone cousin. With the next-generation iPhone on its way, many speculate that the new iPod touch could include “a taller 4-inch display” and “in-cell display technology.”

    Apple is also rumored to be developing a new iPod nano. Some believe they’ll return the device to its vertical orientation, making it taller and thinner while also adding a “home” button like the iPhone or iPod Touch. No release dates have been set (September is rumored), but it seems customers may still want stand-alone music players, even with smartphone market saturation. [Daily Swarm/The Verge]