Apple Exec: There Won’t Be An Apple HDTV Anytime Soon

    Those holding their breath for an Apple HDTV can stop holding their breath, lest they suffocate. While the company is indeed in talks to create a new cable TV platform for its Apple TV, Eddy Cue (the Senior Vice President for Internet Services) dissuaded rumors that a new HDTV is coming, stating such a thing is “extremely unlikely in the near-term.”

    Cue did note that Apple is looking into the television market to address “the poor quality of the user interface and the forced bundling of pay TV content.” But Apple is hitting roadblock after roadblock with various networks because they (obviously) don’t want to play ball with a company that would provide such a radical alternative for their content. While analysts had suggested Apple would come out with an HDTV and a streaming service by this Christmas, those assessments seem to be off the mark for the time being. [9To5Mac]