Aphex Twin Says He Has Six Albums Completed

    We haven’t seen an album from Richard D. James’ well-regarded Aphex Twin project since he put out Druqks all the way back in 2001 – but that might be changing rather quickly. In an interview Mr. James gave to fashion magazine Another Man he mentioned quite candidly that he has a lot of new music on his hands.


    “I’ve got six albums completed. Two are very non-commercial, abstract, modular-synthesis, field recordings – those I finished four years ago. Another one is Melodies From Mars, which I redid about three years ago. There’s one of stuff I won’t go into; a comp of old tracks which is never really finished and always changing; and then one I’m working on now. There are also loads of tracks which don’t belong anywhere.”


    There has been a few rumors swimming around about an imminent release of new Aphex Twin material, and this quote seems to confirm that we’re at least going to see SOMETHING under the moniker pretty soon. Considering how Richard D. James is one of the most adored electronic musicians of the past twenty years, expect a lot of hype. Warranted hype, but hype none the less. [Fact]