AotD: The Congos

    The Congos – The Heart of the Congos
    Here at Album of the Day, there are records that we love, records that we want to tell people about, and records that deserve more exposure. And then there are the classics- the legends – the ones that seem forever separated from the pack. The Heart of the Congos is one of these, quite possibly the greatest Reggae album ever. Made mostly through the giant talents of Lee Perry, this record was amazingly turned down by Island intially, and only within the past decade has it received the proper release in the US it deserved all along. “Congoman” is especially incredible, with stuttering beats, choral chants, and remarkable production that makes the whole thing sound like a ghost march. Because it’s Perry, there’s a heavy dub sound already in place throughout the record, but this is roots reggae, and it’s one of the best albums we could possibly ever hope to feature in this column.