Antony & the Johnsons to Release “Swanlights EP”

    Antony Hegarty has popped up sporadically ‘round these parts since the release of his band Antony & the Johnsons’ most recent album Swanlights. Worry not, ‘ye moody. The group is slated to release a follow-up EP, also called Swanlights.

    Per the title, the release centers around the title track with the song in its original form and as a remix by Oneohtrix Point Never (with whom Hegarty collaborated on the song “Returnal”). Two b-sides round out the release.

    The Swanlights EP will be released digitally and on ten-inch vinyl on Apr. 26. The ten-inch version will also be released on every music lover’s favorite holiday of the new millennium Record Store Day (Apr. 16).


    In other Hegarty news, the artist is also slated to appear at the upcoming TED2011 Conference in Long Beach, CA on Mar. 2. According to TED’s web site, the subtitle to this year’s conference is “The Rediscovery of Wonder” and Hegarty will participate in a session called “Radical Collaboration” alongside deep-sea explorer Edith Widder and street artist JR.


    [UPDATE: Hegarty will be performing solo. Thanks, Aleix!]