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Anticon Signs Marnie Stern, Zach Hill Collaborator Raleigh Moncrief

Unless you like digging through liner notes or finding out who's playing in your favorite act's live band, you probably won't recognize the name Raleigh Moncrief. But the San Francisco resident has actually be involved in some pretty major projects these past few years. He's collaborated with Zach Hill, toured with Marnie Stern, and co-produced one of 2009's finest albums, Dirty Projectors' Bitte Orca.

But this fall, the spotlight will be on Moncrief's own work and not that of his co-workers. He inked a deal with Anticon to release his proper solo debut, Watered Lawn, that features the singer-producer blending folk, electronic, and psychedelic music. You can get a taste of just what he has planned on lead single "I Just Saw," which is available for streaming at Pitchfork.

Watered Lawn drops Oct. 25. You can view the track listing below.

01 The Air
02 A Day To Die
03 I Just Saw
04 In This Grass
05 Cast Out For Days
06 Lament For Morning
07 The Right Idea
08 Don't Shoot
09 Time Passed By
10 Waiting For My Brothers Here
11 Mothers

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Raleigh Moncrief

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