Anti-Simon Cowell Songs Spread Throughout U.K. Chart


    The latest attempt to foil the new Simon Cowell protégée, X Factor winner Matt Cardie, has failed. Cardie has hit the No. 1 slot in the U.K., despite attempts by various Facebook groups to propel certain obtuse songs to the top of the chart ahead of him, in a similar manner to Rage Against the Machine’s success last year.


    It seems there were just too many anti-Cowell campaigns this time out, thus splitting sales across a number of records, leaving them all spread across the lower reaches of the chart. Ther most successful campaign revolved around the Trashmen’s “Surfin’ Bird,” which stands at a respectable No. 3 in the chart.


    The attempt to get John Cage’s 4’ 33” (above) into the higher echelons of the chart staled at No. 22, which is still a valiant effort considering how odd it is to see it nestling up again Bruno Mars on the list. But the biggest victory may be at No. 66, where another anti-Cowell campaign rests—yes Kunt and the Gang’s “Use My Arsehole as a Cunt” has made the British charts, which you can sample in the extremely NSFW clip here.