Anthrax Bassist To Play Richard Hell In One Of The Jeff Buckley Movies

    In case you haven’t been paying attention to possible musician biopic news, we’ll catch you up: There are currently two films in production about dead indie troubadour Jeff Buckley, one of them starring Reeve Carney (of the Spider-Man musical), which is approved of by the singer’s estate, and features his music and a story about his mysterious death (at least tentatively). The other, starring Penn Badgely of Gossip Girl, instead centers around Buckley’s 1991 performance at a tribute concert for his absentee father Tim Buckley. The film will lead up to Buckley’s performance, and will probably find him making some conclusions about his dad, his life, and you know, stuff.

    But the reason we’re telling you this is that the film with Penn Badgely features some other high profile musicians in the story, namely Richard Hell, who also performed at the Buckley tribute concert. So who will be playing Richard Hell? Not Richard Hell himself, but instead, he’s going to be played by Anthrax bassist Frank Bello, who is a sometime actor who has appeared on Law & Order. This may seem like MadLibs, but it’s for real. 

    The question becomes if Bello will actually sing, or if he’ll just mime it. The film, titled Greetings from Tim Buckley, starts filming this week, so we’ll find out soon, I guess. [Playlist