Anne Hathaway’s Awful Gangsta Rap Not So Awful Anymore

    Depending on your feelings on actress Anne Hathaway, the headline for this post will either leave you nodding in agreement or cause you to furiously type a hate-filled comment. It’s OK, we get it. But you have to admit that whole gangsta rapping thing she did on Conan last week was pretty damn embarrassing, though MTV reported that some people have praised her for it.

    Anyway, our opinion on that performance aside, this remix of her rapping is what we like to call the best. Audio/visual DJ Woody manned his turntables and laptop to put together his own spin on Hathaway’s rap. He blended it with Nero’s remix Skrillex’s “Ghosts ‘n Stuff,” which, like her rapping, isn’t really that great on its own. But together, well, you get something hilarious (and Facebook wall-friendly) like that dubstep version of The Office.

    You can stream the remix in the video below.