Animal Collective’s Video From Last Year’s Museum Exhibit

    On Mar. 4, 2010, Animal Collective and past collaborator Danny Perez put on a large-scale performance at New York’s Guggenheim Museum. It lasted three hours. Earlier today, the band posted a widdled-down six minute video of the piece, called “Transverse Temporal Gyrus.” Music created by Animal Collective for the installation was used, though it wasn’t performed live. Instead, adding to its trippiness, band members wore Donnie Darko-inspired masks and bunny costumes. According to the band, sound was distributed through a “36 channel speaker system set up around the ramp” of the Guggenheim. Watch the art experiment’s video, filmed by Bobby Boothe and edited by Perez, over at Animal Collective’s Facebook post. Also, Pitchfork and Stereogum have photo sets from last year’s event. [P4K]