Animal Collective Talk About Thriller, Say Nothing

    Do not watch this video in order to learn about Thriller. Animal Collective is one of my favorite bands, but I wanted to talk to the members being interviewed like they were small children and say, “Use your words!” They spoke with Rhapsody about Michael Jackson’s Thriller as part of Rhapsody’s On the Record video series, and managed to explain that there were different kinds of songs on the album, all of which were very good, and that both they and their parents were excited about Thriller. Oh yeah, there was that cool video, too.


    David Portner, known as Avey Tare in Animal Collective, got literally four words in before time ran out in the interview. He said, “I think Michael Jackson.” I think they all could have used a little more time to get out what really matters to them about Thriller. [Pitchfork]