Animal Collective Guest Edit New Issue of Fader

    What better way to boost the ailing magazine industry than having one of the hottest acts of 2009, Animal Collective, guest edit Fader? It may even be enough to prise people away from the Internet and back into the word of print, although the magazine does offer free downloads of issues on its website.


    Avey Tare, Panda Bear, Geologist and even the errant Deakin have collaborated on the issue, which features articles on Collective favorites including Black Dice, Zomby, and many others. Aaron Copeland from Black Dice has manipulated a picture of the band for the magazine’s cover.


    The Animal Collective edition of Fader won’t be in stores until Dec. 15, and they are promising to reveal more about it in the coming weeks. So far, all the details are available here.