Andy Samberg Finally Gets His Own TV Show

    You might be sort of familiar with Andy Samberg, but the odds are good that you know even more his comedy without even being aware of it. For instance, he had a career on Saturday Night Live playing a lot of silly characters, but his biggest successes have probably come as the result of Lonely Island

    That group is responsible for so many of the best song parodies and humorous music of the past few years, and you probably didn’t even know it. Tunes like Dick In A Box, Jizz In My Pants, I’m On A Boat, Like A Boss and Jack Sparrow wriggle their way into your brain and don’t go anywhere. If you didn’t already know it, now you can say with authority that Andy Samberg (along with fellow Lonely Planet members Akiva Schaffer and Jorma Taccone) is a genius. 

    Thankfully, that genius will be getting his own TV series. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the star of films such as Hot Rod and That’s My Boy is going to collaborate with Michael Schur and Dan Goor, the creators of Parks and Recreation. The only details released thus far are that Samberg will play a detective in a New York city police precinct. Hopefully he’ll get to sing a little bit — or at least rap.