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Andy Samberg And T-Pain Celebrate Grammy Nomination With New Video

You had to know that Andy Samberg and T-Pain would not let the fact that they were nominated for a Grammy for "I'm on a Boat" go unnoticed: Here's a new video where the duo laugh about how Lonely Island member Jorma Taccone wasn't in the video for "I'm on a Boat." That's not funny at all, you're saying, and it isn't. In fact, it's even less funny than "I'm on a Boat" (burn!). But the real laughs come here when T-Pain acts like he has no idea there is a T-Pain app. Medium smiles abound here, kids. [Idolator]


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The Lonely Island

I don't think these Samberg/T-Pain collabos achieve any great humor, but I really appreciate that T-Pain sees himself as primarily an entertainer and has no pretension about being an "artist" like so many other pop stars and that he likes to make fun of himself.

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