Andrew W.K. Is A ‘Brony,’ Spoke At My Little Pony Convention (Video)

    “Party Hard” dude Andrew W.K. attended a different kind of party last Friday. As a guest panelist at Canterlot Gardens, a My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic convention, he seemed to express genuine delight and child-like wonder, calling it the “most intense experience of my life.”

    The 33-year-old musician/actor/self-help guru urged attendees to embrace their “individuality” and addressed a prevailing attitude that adult fans of the My Little Pony series–especially adult males, christened “bronies”–are nurturing an unhealthy fixation. “A lot of adults confuse growing up with a sense of seriousness, boringness,” he said. “Whatever you want to play with, it’s OK. It’s not only OK, it’s good.”

    The Canterlot Gardens convention boasted a full three days of events; programs with titles like “Camaraderie is Supernatural” and “The Grand Galloping Gala.” Andrew W.K.’s panel was a blend of motivational homilies (“The amount of joy being conjured up in this room…it will spread through the whole universe”), shooting confetti from a “party cannon,” and comparing himself to Pinkie Pie, a pony recognizable by its cheeriness. [Rolling Stone] [Photo credit:]

    In addition to his role at the convention, Andrew W.K. also wrote an article about “brony” culture for Paper Magazine, which you can read here. I guess this is real.

    Below: check out some bizarre footage from Andrew W.K.’s panel, recorded by EverFreeRadio.