Andrew W.K. Explains His Hatred For Zippers

    In an Intimate Interview with Fuse, everyone’s favorite partier, Andrew W.K., goes into detail about why he doesn’t wear clothing that has zippers, his preference for boxer briefs, how The Grey made him cry and some of his random childhood celebrity crushes.

    In typical Andrew W.K. fashion, the interview is awkward but more than anything, it’s hilariously entertaining. You can view the interview below. 

    In other news, Andrew W.K. recently joined forces with magician David Blaine for his stunt entitled “Electrified” which resulted in W.K. playing a keyboard solo that blasted millions of volts of electricity through Tesla coils into Blaine’s body. Blaine and Andrew W.K. alledgedly had not met prior to the event in which W.K. stated, “What better way to meet someone than through one million volts in the rain in the middle of Manhattan, electrocuting each other?”

    Now that sounds like a party!