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Andrew W.K. Continues To Unravel The Kafkaesque Mystery Of His Very Existence

After the I Get Wet wave crested, a lot of artists would have seized the opportunity to blame everything on a team of corporate stooges. Not so Andrew W.K., who has taken to his website to claim every frat groove and pair of white jeans as his own. In a densely worded statement on his website, the singer (or someone purporting to be him) says that he is not involved in a conspiracy with someone named Steev Mike and that, even though "he worked with other people" at the beginning of his career, he is an actual musician. Hopefully it's true, and Andrew W.K. isn't some less successful version of the Monkees. Maybe he should admit to it anyway, though, and use it to explain where he's been for the last five years. He'll be answering that question, amongst others, in an appearance at Santos Party House in February. [The Daily Swarm]

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Andrew W.K.

Substitute "Andrew W.K." with "Andrew Dice Clay" and you essentially get the same thing.

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If you had done your research, you would've found that Andrew W.K. has been more busy and present than most other contemporary entertainers in the past 5 years. As an active recording musician, producer, respected motivational speaker, performer, TV host, and owner/operator of one of the most popular nightclubs in New York, there's little explanation to his whereabouts needed. And with a fan base as large as his, he'll have no trouble finding any support he needs during this whole distorted ordeal.


WK had been playing around in the Michigan noise scene for a long time before he became the party guy. He's a legit guy, I'm happy he's around.

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