Andrew Bird Announces ‘Break It Yourself’ Track List, Trailer

    Andrew Bird announced his new album, Break It Yourself, late last year, and now that we know it’s due out on March 6, Bird released the track list and the cover. The cover is up there, while the track list is below. Expect this to be rustic: There’s a song called “Behind the Barn.” 

    That’s not all: Below, you can also see a trailer for the album as well. It features beautiful shots of Bird hanging out in his house/studio. Watch that below too. 

    1. Desperation Breeds…
    2. Polynation
    3. Danse Caribe
    4. Give it Away
    5. Eyeoneye
    6. Lazy Projector
    7. Near Death Experience Experience
    8. Behind the Barn
    9. Lusitania
    10. Orpheo Looks Back
    11. Sifters 
    12. Fatal Shore
    13. Hole in the Ocean Floor
    14. Belles


    Andrew Bird – Break It Yourself from Mom+Pop on Vimeo.