André 3000’s Jimi Hendrix Biopic Is Going Ahead

    The rumors that André 3000 might play Jimi Hendrix in a biopic of the late singer seem to have been swirling since the dawn of time. Well, perhaps not that long, but it’s certainly a story that’s been around for a while, even appearing to reach a definitive end with the cancellation of the project in 2011.

    But now the film has legs again, reportedly getting green-lit and heading into pre-production in Wicklow, Ireland. The movie is titled All Is By My Side and will document Hendrix’s period living in England circa 1966-67, essentially covering the era that kickstartted his career.

    The film will be directed by John Ridley, who penned the scripts for Three Kings and U-Turn, and will be shot over a six-week period in Dublin and Wicklow. It’s not clear yet who else will star alongside André in the feature, but at least now we know with 99 percent certainty that this thing is going to become a reality.