Anderson Silva’s NIKE Deal Is Now Global, Look Who’s Talking Now Jon Jones?

    While Jon Jones is going back and forth between being a heel and or the “nicest guy” ever, the quiet ninja in Anderson “The Spider” Silva lets his legacy quietly rise. Because although the UFC middleweight champion, who hasn’t lost in six years, defended his title thirteen times and on occasion has risen to a weight division above his twice and can’t speak English fluently, his persona is definitely much more of a global commodity than Jones’.

    Silva’s Nike deal is no longer regional and tied down to the territory of Brazil. Ed Soares his manager addressed the new updated sponsorship:

    It started off as Nike Brazil, but it has since been made a global deal. I don’t think there’s another mixed martial arts athlete on the planet that deserves that more than Anderson. He’s one of the best athletes out there that fits that mold, the face of Nike. Look at all the people they’ve sponsored. People have compared Anderson as the Michael Jordan of MMA. The best of the best have always had some sort of affiliation with Nike, and I think the brand fits Anderson better than any other MMA athlete in the world.

    What do you have to say about that playboy? Who says MMA fighters don’t make good money?

    [Bloody Elbow]