Ancient Internet Meme Crisis: Rickroll Videos Pulled From YouTube



    Rickrolling is soooo 2008, but Internet memes never really die, unless a global corporation decides their copyrights have been violated. Despite the fact that no one is really doing the whole Rickroll thing anymore, someone at Sony or YouTube has decided the practice falls foul of their copyright rules and has yanked many instances of the once-popular phenomenon.


    No one is quite clear when this started to happen, but a blog named Neowin has been keeping tabs on the removal, noting that the original Rickroll video, which had around 30 million views, had suddenly disappeared. The familiar phrase “This video has been removed due to terms of use violation” appears in its place.


    Either someone has had a complete sense of humor failure or the decision-makers at Astley’s record label are so stupid that they don’t recognize a free meal ticket when they see one. Did no one put together the simple equation that 30 million views = huge free publicity for an artist who everyone ceased to care about several decades ago?


    [via cnet]