Pete Doherty/Amy Winehouse Blood Painting Sells For Less Than Expected Price

    An Amy Winehouse painting sold for around $56,000 at auction last night (May 11). The singer, who died from alcohol poisoning last July, completed “Ladylike” with elegantly wasted dandy and former Libertine Pete Doherty.  The painting had the blood of both Winehouse and Doherty smeared on it, but did not meet the expected $80, 000 – $129, 000 price range announced earlier this week.  Doherty also had other paintings featured in the auction, as well as some of the singer’s guitars and diaries.

    Last month, The Cob Gallery wrapped up an exhibition of Doherty’s work, painted in the songsmith’s own blood, and some ephemera and collectables. “On Blood: A Portrait of the Artist” also featured canvases smeared with the blood a few of the sometimes dope fiend’s chums including fellow Parisian Charlotte Gainsbourg , Alize Meurisse, who designed the cover of Doherty’s 2009 solo album., and the Winehouse piece.