Amy Winehouse Inquest May Be Declared “Illegal”

    The inquest into Amy Winehouse’s death seemed to be over when it was revealed late last year that she died of alcohol poisoning. But now a twist in the tale has emerged, proving that everything surrounding the singer is going to be just as problematic in death as it was in life. 

    The case was chaired by coroner Dr. Andrew Scott Reid, who appointed his wife, Suzanne Greenaway, as Assistant Deputy Coroner during the inquest. But British tabloid the Sun is reporting that Greenaway resigned in November after she didn’t meet the necessary requirements to fill the position.

    As an upshot if this, all 30 inquests Greenaway was involved in, including the Winehouse case, could be declared illegal. Reid claims this doesn’t affect any outcome. “While I am confident that all of the inquests handled were done so correctly, I apologize if this matter causes distress,” he said. It would need a challenge in the high court to cause the case to be reopened—and that doesn’t look likely to happen—but naturally that hasn’t stopped the Sun from using some rather dramatic all-caps wording in their article. 

    [Pic: Wiki]