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Amy Winehouse Announces Comeback Tour Dates With Janelle Monae, Mayer Hawthorne

Interesting news that might require a wait-and-see attitude: Amy Winehouse has announced that she’s launching a comeback tour. With Janelle Monae. And Mayer Hawthorne. Crazy, right?


Okay, so, this isn’t great news if you don’t live in and won’t be travelling around Brazil – where the shows are set to be staged next year – but it is good news if there’s any hope of Ms. Winehouse ultimately making it to your town in the future. Baby steps.


According to Winehouse’s site this is a “one-off” tour. Dates follow:


01.08 Summer Soul Festival, Il Divino, Florianopolis *#

01.11 Arena HSBC, Rio de Janeiro *

01.13 Summer Soul Festival, Covention Center, Recife *#

01.15 Summer Soul Festival, Chácara do Joquei, Sao Paulo *#


* With Janelle Monae

# With Mayer Hawthorne


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