Amy Winehouse Album Sales Increase Dramatically

    The sad passing of Amy Winehouse at the weekend has caused sales of her records to surge in the U.K. It’s a strange phenomenon, but the urge to purchase music by a musician who has just died is a familiar occurrence by now. NME reports that album sales increased by 37 times over while single sales went up by 23 times over.


    If this spike increases it’s likely that Back to Black will rise to a place of prominence in the album chart over the next week. “We would expect an even bigger impact to roll through over the coming days,” said Martin Talbot, who works for the Official Charts Company in the U.K. “Such a demonstration of her popularity is the best tribute the British public can pay to this extraordinary British talent.”

    Adele, who Winehouse arguably helped by opening the floodgates for retro-styled smoky female singers, remains in the No. 1 slot in the U.K. and many other territories. But it seems she may get some surprising competition if people keep paying tribute to Winehouse by opening their wallets.