Amy Milan Announces New Album, Masters of the Burial

    Stars frontwoman Amy Milan is ready to release her second solo album, and from the title, it seems like her solo alt-country leanings might be a little death obsessed. Masters of the Burial is the follow-up to 2006’s Honey from the Tombs. The album was recorded with producer and sound technician Martin Davis Kinack (Broken Social Scene, Apostle of Hustle), and features guest spots from Feist and Stars bandmate Evan Cranley, among others.


    Masters of the Burial is out Sept. 8 from Arts & Crafts. Tracklisting below.



    Masters of the Burial:


    1.  Bruised Ghosts
    2.  Low Sail
    3.  Old Perfume
    4.  Towers
    5.  Day To Day
    6.  Bury This
    7.  Finish Line
    8.  Run For Me
    9.  I Will Follow You Into Dark
    10.  Lost Compass
    11.  Bound