AmpLive And Eligh Team Up For ‘Therapy At 3’ Album

    It only seemed like a matter of time before Zion I producer AmpLive and Living Legends rapper Eligh would join forces for a collaborative album. You see, Eligh’s closest pal in the Living Legends, the Grouch, has been working with AmpLive and his Zion I partner Zumbi for a minute now. So it’s not the biggest shocker to learn that Eligh and AmpLive decided to do something together after probably toying with the idea for a few years. Their joint album, Therapy at 3, features the quick-tongued rapper opening up emotionally and spiritually — though he also finds time to have some fun — over the producer’s electro-inspired boom-bap. Fans of either of these guys other gigs should be more than satisfied with Therapy at 3 when it drops Nov. 15

    You can view the track listing below.

    01 Intro
    02 First Contact
    03 Guides
    04 Destination Unknown ft. The Grouch & Zumbi
    05 Stethescope ft. Basik
    06 Devil’s Medicine
    07 Beautiful Addiction ft. Grieves & Blake Hazard
    08 Metronome
    09 Tattoo Song
    10 Ms. Meteor ft. Steve Knight
    11 Stop Running
    12 What’s In A Name
    13 Ego Killer ft. Inspired Flight
    14 L.A. Dreamers ft. Busdriver
    15 Outro