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Track Review: Amon Tobin "Bloodstone"

For about two minutes of "Bloodstone", you'll listen to the buildup, with strings provided by the Kronos Quartet and piano plinking slinkingly in the background and wonder - when's the beat gonna drop? Then the drums come in, marching ploddingly and thunderously, and all is right in the world again.
For his new full-length The Foley Sessions, Tobin is getting even further from the jazz and bruising percussion that has underlined his earlier music. Tracks feature recordings of found sounds from the world at large, in a push past the vinyl samples. The second track on the single, "Esther's", may typify the album even closer, with a motorcycle roar and something sounding like a Tesla coil forming an industrial bassline for a rollicking three minutes.
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Amon Tobin
Track Review

This is a pretty amazing song. I'm really digging the stuff Tobin's doing these days.


this is sweet.

Mike Krolak

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