American Idol Staffer Insists Finalists are Fixed

    If American Idol didn’t have enough problems keeping its very basic premise fresh (enter the judge’s save), the show is now going to have to fend off allegations from an understandably unnamed staffer that the whole shooting match is fixed. While there were no direct accusations of vote tampering, the source said that the final four will be comprised of Lil Rounds, Adam Lambert, Danny Gokey, and Alexis Grace. While this is probably just some ploy to get the wheezing show some press, the preordained finalist theory is given some creedence by the effusive praise heaped upon the chosen contestants. The other interesting angle to this story is that if it’s in fact true, which finalist gets the axe to maintain the show’s credibility? Hopefully it’s all of them, and the show reboots with a collection of twenty random people pulled from a city bus. [New York Daily News]