Amazon’s ‘Echo Show’ Offers Music Fans a Multi-Dimensional Experience

    New Amazon Echo model gives music fans more to love.

    Amazon Echo Show

    Career profitability in the music industry is a notoriously complex pursuit for recording artists. A venture with a cost-benefit gap increasingly lopsided, musicians face new obstacles erected by the digital age heaped atop cemented familiar ones. But for consumers and admirers of music, on the other hand, accessing the vastness of the past and present’s trove of recorded song has never been simpler, more intuitive, and optimistic.

    The latter notion was given reinforcement weeks ago when pixelated images of a new-and-improved Amazon Echo model was leaked from Amazon servers and exposed by AFTV. Harnessing a touchscreen, as a supplement to the Echo’s voice-recognition navigation, and codenamed “Knight,” tech pundits were left to speculate about the rest (amid more leaks) until Amazon made the Amazon Echo Show’s existence official.

    Joining the ranks of Amazon’s series of Alexa-powered Echo smart speakers, the Echo Show will animate the Echo user experience by introducing a new dimension of interactivity, as well as satiate the music fan’s appetite by adding a visual dimension to the Echo’s on-command audio playback. By spurning the flashlight design of the previous Amazon Echo (or the hockey-puck stature of the Echo Dot), the Echo Show’s tablet touchscreen visage allows Amazon’s Alexa virtual assistant software to fulfill what past Echo models were incapable of delivering.

    Touchscreen for Lyrics and Music Videos

    The Echo Show sees the Alexa technology acquainted us to in 2015 via the first Amazon Echo yet smarter, and equipped with an expanded menu of possibilities. While the Alexa technology already gifts you with the instant satisfaction of setting the mood by verbally calling out your song, the Echo Show’s seven-inch touchscreen offers visual accompaniment to your music fix—be it a music video streaming from YouTube or follow-along song lyrics for those Bob Dylan verses you can’t quite make sense of.

    Connection to Music Streaming Services

    The device continues to allow users to connect to streaming services Amazon Prime, Spotify, and Pandora. But navigating the Echo Show’s touchscreen, you’ll be able to browse the interfaces of these apps instead of pronouncing album and song titles on the fly. And as such, with the Echo Show your selections will sound crisper than ever. The company boasts of upgraded sound quality, underscoring the “room-filling sound” emanating from a pair of improved Dolby-powered speakers.

    Pricing and Availability

    The Amazon Echo Show is listed at $230 and currently available for pre-order with shipping slated to start on June 28.